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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Macau Classic

I had a pretty tough starting table for a €550 event with Jim FennellJason Tompkins Alex Lopez Alex Ferguson & a few other good players on it. I had arrived late but got my stack from 20k starting up to a healthy 35k in less than an hour, then just as quick I went back to 8k. Never really did a lot wrong to be honest, just kept ending up with the wort hand when it mattered. I finished the day with 21.5k which was acceptable after being pretty low at times.

Day two was pretty uneventful for me, I nicked a few blinds and then got it in soooo bad with 7d8d on a 5d4dXxQx board v AdQd. He pretty much had the only two card's I was afraid off....nh...wp. I didn't stick around and missed a big session with the lads for Richie Lawlors birthday, its becoming a bit of a theme latley....me missing big sessions...and I don't seem to be loosing chunks is drunk cash games? maybe there is a connection.

I put in a few more hours online cash and had my  first loosing session in a while, this is no brag I can tell you because my win rate per hour has been lower than the guy serving you your kebab after a night out. After going through some of the hands I defiantly not winning my fair share of flips but its a very small sample size to date, I'm sure it will turn around.

Next live event is the Unibet Open in Citywest, this is a great addition to the poker calendar as the €1k+ buyin tournaments become scarce. They are hoping for 250+ runners, they will be doing well to get them in my opinion, time will tell.

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