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Friday, 16 December 2011

Last Minute Dot Com

With virtually no poker on in Ireland for the next 2 weeks I had thought I would be enjoying a break from the tournament schedule until the WPT in January but got board last night and booked flights over to Nottingham to play the £250k gtd in Dusk till Dawn tomorrow. I also nearly booked flights to Holland to play some Winter Festival on the 28th but failed to pull the trigger at the last second.

To be perfectly honest there are two reasons for this, first I think there is value in these small buy in tournaments with big guarantee’s because of the amount of guys who get in for £50 in the satellites that have been running for three months and  second I actually drink less when away and since my little liver scare this year I’ve managed to keep the sessions to a minimum. They are expecting 300+ players with a top prize in excess of £75k

I say minimum of course because that is the best that can be expected, the thoughts of never having another session is pretty miserable so hopefully it won’t come to that. In fact the lads are organising the “office” party for early next week, I’ll leave it to some of the more seasoned session bloggers to keep you informed on what went on, with some of Dublin 4’s finest mixed with the likes of multi I’m sure there will be a few good stories.

Gambling wise I’ve not been up to much lately, few bets here and there and I’m losing on them over all. Only highlight was on Wednesday when I got a phone call with a tip for a horse and for some reason I decided to back it, I often get 3 tips for horses in a day and never back them anymore. Anyway the little beauty won at 10/1!! Over Christmas I think Taylor is a great bet for the Darts at anything close to evens. The man is a legend even if I can’t stand to listen to him talking. Also think that Man City will walk the PL and again anything close to evens is a super price. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ahhh Live Cash Games

Not been up to a whole lot since Riga, played a few live sessions and two tournaments in the Fitz Festival. First up for me was the €800 NL main event which had a pretty tough field for a live event in Ireland. I never had a stack at any time and just when I was starting to change gears and pick up a few cards I found myself with KK on the button. I think I had 3-bet from the button 2/3 times during the last few orbits so I thought this was set up for someone to shove over my raise and they did, but with AA. gg wp.

That hand happened 6 places from the money which was tilting enough but also ment I was able to reg for the Omaha which was even more tilting. I basically played the Omaha like a blouse, not getting it in a few times when I should have eventually going out with KK93 on a 9 7 3 flop after I had got 60% of my stack in pre v a set of sevens. gg wp
The cash games have been going a bit better for the last couple of weeks although I did have one really bad night in Naas. Other than that I've been winning pretty constantly so I cant complain about one horrific run of cards.

Also made my first appearance in the Golden Ball game. After a €200 sat for the WPT where I ran terrible losing a massive pot with AK v AQ aipf then losing AK v J4 (his favorite hand that never lets him down, he was right) I got into the round of each cash game. Roy the Boy had told me its a good game and he was right, the chips go in fairly quickly and fairly often with these guys. I managed to book a profit after being in 3 x €2k+  pots and winning two of them.
Have to say its one of the best places I've played, the food was great, full bar service and great banter with the regulars. They have a complementary taxi for all the drinkers which is something other clubs could learn from, although Balllymore might be a bit of a stretch.

Next up for me is Cork, anytime I've been in the Macau Casino I've been impressed and looked after very well. Haven't run very well in the tournaments but hope to change all that this time round. There is a €50k guaranteed and information can be found here.. http://www.macausportingclub.com/Irish_Classicfestival.aspx