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Monday, 30 May 2011

Golfing & Drinking

I got word of a big party being organised by Calvin Ayre from Bodog in Dublin and after a bit of rooting around managed to get on the VIP guest list along with a few other degens from the poker community.
Some of the lads I was with were not used to this type of thing but we get these parties all the time in Ballymore Eustace. Pictures can be found here. Things were going along quiet enough until the free bar closed and we got our hands on two bottles of JD & a bottle of Jagermeister, after that it got a bit messy although we only had to pull O'Shea out of one row which is not too bad.
On Saturday it was the second running of the annual IPB golf outing. Numbers were down a bit because of the Champions League final but those of us who did go had a real result with the weather and then being upgraded to the Hotel, (from the townhouse we had booked).
Myself and Rory got a bit of a doing last year and lost a good few quid to Mr. Spillane and Mr. Power, not much money changed hands this year, unfortunately the biggest loser was Rory but that was down more to losing the credit card roulette for the dinner bill. I can feel a bigger bet with the two lads coming on soon not sure what the terms will be but this chapter is certainly not closed just yet.
On the sports betting I had a bad weekend, I broke even for avoiding bets because I sidestepped Leinster & Barca but got stuck into the Dubs -5 in the hurling. I've been going pretty well on the GAA this year so I'm hoping that was just a blip and my good run can continue as the championship heats up.
Poker wise it's the Celtic Grand Final next weekend in Carlow, serious value at this every year although I've never cashed in it. Hopefully I can change that this year and I'll have a final table story to tell come Monday.