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Monday, 5 September 2011

Unibet in Citywest

The Unibet Open made its inaugural appearance in Dublin last weekend and was a great success although it was very badly supported by the natives.  Only 36 Irish were among the 260 runner field and we had no representative on the final table. From my own point of view it was a pretty tame effort. I never really won a pot, got schooled a bit by Marty Smyth who was directly on my left and exited the tournament when I shoved my 7 9 suited over a small raise and call only to be called by AQ.

The rest of the weekend was up and down, I had a share in the Omaha winner Richie Lawlor which was great but I also had KK in my hand when involved in a massive pot in the cash game and my opponent had AA. I would not be one for folding KK but if I was ever going to fold it this could have been the time. They guy on my left had won a big pot against me earlier and had been minding his large stack since then. He had not re-raised once since getting his stack and was clearly not very comfortable playing big pots. I had re-bought to cover him and there was one other player on the table with a similar size amount of chips when this hand took place, the guy on the button raises and I re-raise with the cowboys only for my friend with the stack to re-raise me!! The pot was now getting big and I and I had a think about what he could have, I came to the conclusion he had AA,KK,QQ or AK. In hindsight he probably only ever raises me in that spot with AA or KK and when I have two of the Kings in  my hand then its more likely he has AA. 

I'm not playing any live poker this weekend although there are good games on all over the country starting tonight in Swords where there is a €130 freeze out followed by another €120 buy in in Naas on Sunday night. There is also a live satellite for the EMOP in Barcelona in Waterford tonight, there will be a big contingent of Irish at all the EMOP events with people qualifying live and online. Details of all these tournaments can be found on Irish Poker Boards which seems to be the place to follow whats going on in Irish poker these days.

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