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Thursday, 16 June 2011

UKIPT Here We Go Again

Tomorrow I’m flying over to Newcastle for the 5th leg of the UKIPT tour with Phil Baker. Obviously the number one thing in the bag when travelling with Phil is the headphones and to be on the safe side I’ll probably bring a second pair. If it was somebody my own age I would just be able to tell them to shut up for a while but I was brought up to have  respect for the elderly so Phil gets a pass.

They are expecting big numbers again, the cap on the website says 500 but they have exceeded the cap in all the English legs so far so hopefully it will be another large prize fund. I have been running quite well in these so far getting to 2 final tables but have not managed to get to the big money in the first 3 finishing places. Another deep run would be nice and give me a shot at winning the leader board which has a nice top prize of entry into every event next year + hotels.

Played my usual Wednesday night live cash session again last night and for the first time in a long time I came away from the game really going over some hands and they way I played them. Like a lot of sessions the whole night comes down to one or two key hands and the trick is to get them right. I never worry when I lose after getting in a few big flips and losing more than I win or when some guy out draws me a few time in a session its more when I lose because I played bad or as in the case of last night I won but should have won more.
Anyway I have come to the conclusion that one of my biggest leaks is playing poorly when winning, what I mean by that is if I’m up a good few quid in a session I will see more flops than I should and maybe try more bluffs/hero calls than I should. I have noticed this in tournaments too and I have found that sometimes I cross the line between playing a big stack aggressively and spewing chips away where as when I’m short stacked I can manage my chips a lot better and waste very few of them.

With this new found wisdom I will surly take down Newcastle......time will tell.

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