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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Pub Games

Played a game on Friday night in Tallaght for http://www.cheeverstown.ie/ which was great crack. It was a €25 buyin with €10 rebuys until the break. Half the field had very little poker experience like my wife who was making only her second appearance at a poker table. She did quite well getting a large stack together early, she was doing so well that at one stage she asked me “if I win this, do I give the prize money back to the charity?” I just politely said “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”.
I managed to get the nut seat as I had George McMahon on my immediate right and he more or less shoved every hand and for once he did not get there every time. I play with George every Wednesday in Naas and he has what you would call an unconventional style. After an hour of play we had about twice as many chips on our table as any other, with George clearly looking to get a wing of Cheeverstown named after him .
It was great to play a game for once where people actually seemed to enjoy themselves and nobody was giving out about some donkey calling with rubbish or players telling others how terrible their play was. Anyway the night finished with a clean sweep for one family with Barry (son), Noeleen (mother) and Martin (father) finishing first second and third. Barry even got the bottle of whisky that was put up for knocking me out.
Between the poker and raffle they managed to raise just under €1k for the charity which is no mean feat in this current economic climate.

The Gaa football markets have adjusted and Dublin are now 8/15 for Leinster which is probably about right, the line in the Dublin Kildare match will only be 2 or 3 points so not a lot of value there. I’ll probably just be going to the match as a supporter with no major money on the line, hopefully Kildare can cause an upset.

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