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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

WPT & 2012 Goals.

Had a disaster of a weekend in city west, the only small silver lining was I won my ticket in the super sat the night before. Was a bumpy ride along the way to my ticket as I got it in bad twice with Ax dominated but got out of trouble both times and was comfortable enough when the bubble burst.

Main event started and finished worse, after establishing that seat 1 was unbluffable with the first half of my stack I then c/r the flop and fired 3 streets for value with AA into his flopped set, wp gg. The IPC did not go any better after I lost every pot I played before getting it in with AK v KK which would have got me back to starting stack but I failed to improve.

Then came the real pain as I done chunks in a really soft PLO game. Played one hand terrible for €1k or so but other than that I don’t think I made any real mistakes, just could never hold when in front or get there with any draws when it mattered.
 Although the event went pretty bad for me personally it was a huge success for the organisers and will only get better next year in my opinion.

I never really set any goals in any previous year but I never done a blog before so I suppose I should for 2012.

Top of the list for this year is to get fit, my health has suffered this year and there is no reason for it to continue I’ll be making much more of an effort to get to the gym when I’m at home and when away on trips.

Second is to get a minimum of $100k on the Hendonmob, with the type of events I’m playing I reckon poker costs me aprox $50k a year on tournament and hotels/flights. If I don’t make a clear $50k profit from tournaments at the end then it’s not worth all the hassle of travelling. The cash games are usually better at festivals but still not worth it by themselves.  

Win a tournament ffs! Even if it’s a side event I just want to get over the line in one bloody tournament. Its June 2009  since I won a live tournament which is just too long.

Keep exact accounts of my gambling & poker. I start this every year and then don’t bother, this year I’m going to keep it right. (I know my wife is throwing her eyes up to heaven as she reads this)

Stop losing when I’m winning? I wrote before that my biggest leak is playing or punting bad when I’m up a lot of money, this has improved in 2011 but I still do it more that I should.

In 2010 I was spending way too much time in card rooms or in front of a computer for someone with a small family, I put that right in 2011 and have found a better balance but there is always room to improve. Hopefully in 2012 I’ll get more time at home although if things work out I plan on being busy a good few Sundays!

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  1. ul last weekend Chris, sounds like you had a nightmare.
    Best of luck in 2012, I'm sure it'll be very profitable.