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Friday, 27 January 2012

I set myself some targets in the last post and the only one I've managed to keep is the record keeping which reads more like a horror storey. Unless of course you happen to be playing the same cash games that I've been is for the past two weeks. 

If the truth was known I did not play great especially in the two tournaments I entered, first was the JP game and after doubling up with the first hand I played I then proceeded to play like a moron and went out early after the re-entry period had finished.

Second was the IPPF which is like a home tournament for me, I was on a pretty tough table for what kind of tournament  it was and everybody seemed to know what they were doing. Also had Nicky Power two seats to my left and John O Shea two seats to his left. Obviously there was fireworks from the off,  Nicky taking a good chunk of my chips before I crippled John with 99 v AQ. John was giving out in his blog about how he never seem's to win an all in situation with me, long may it continue!! 

Anyway I came back on day 2 with avg chips and gave them away quite easily to Bops 4-betting A9 v his JJ gg.
Played a good bit of cash in Naas, Newbridge  and Clane and lost in every session bar one, variance my ass every time the cards were on their backs if I needed to hit I missed and if the villain needed to hit you could bet you're bollix he hit. PLO can be very frustrating at times but I suppose its all part of the game. I certainly had my fair share good luck at the felt over the past few years so I can't complain.

As a result of this down swing I've decided to give Prague a miss and concentrate on a few things out side of poker, well when I say outside I mean away from the table most of them are poker or gambling related. 
I'm involved with the Poker Partnership which will be running 5 tournaments in Ireland this year starting with the Western Open the first weekend of March.
There will be 3 other regional events before a grand final in December in the capital. 
Also being spending some time on a new gambling site bookiezone.com which will aim to keep punters informed of the special offers that the bookies are offering and trying to milk the bastards for every penny. Its still in the early stages but I think it could prove popular especially in Ireland where pretty much every one of us likes a flutter on something.

I'm not even going to write about my lack of progress in the gym but I am determined to get fit so I'm just going to have to sort my self out and get in there.  I am eating a bit better and am still off the booze so its not all bad news I suppose.

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