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Monday, 27 February 2012

Super Poker and PLO Pain

Played the Super Poker Event and two long plo sessions this weekend with little to show for it. I got off to a bad start when I went behind in the cash game I've been a regular at since it started back up five weeks ago. Easy to keep turning up when you've been winning I suppose, I was going for five winning sessions in a row.
I was a good bit behind but the game was loose enough to get it back and at about 7 am I got it in when I turned the nuts and held to get me slightly in front for the session.

The game broke fairly shortly after that and after heading home for 3 hrs sleep I went to the Super Poker Event. I got off to a good enough start calling a shove with KK on a Q high board to knock a Frenchie out and then playing an interesting pot with Aidan Connolly blind on blind when he floated my turn bet and bet 75% pot on the river. I called with A high and he mucked. It was an interesting spot because I had more or less decided when I initially looked at my cards (A,10) that I had the best hand and was not folding.

After that it all started to go wrong, I kept doubling up the short stacks and then ran into AA for a big pot and was left with 1k with the blinds at 1k-2k-100. I then went all in every hand and won every time until I jammed QK and again ran into AA. That was for 70k and would have put me right back in the mix.

The plo was running so I jumped straight into that and although the game was terrible I managed to lose pot after pot and before long found myself in the hole again. At about 6am I just gave up and jumped into the €2-€5 NL game that was running and my fortune changed instantly.

Won a nice pot first hand with QJ v JJ on a QQ xxx board then doubled up with AA v AK button on blind. After an hour or so the game broke and I was only down €200 when Marc McDonald kindly offered to flip (blind omaha) for his remaining chips. Mathematically it might be 50/50 but statistically I am a big favourite here!! Anyway the stats never lie and I once again won the flip to finish a few hundred in front for the two days playing.  

I suppose it could have been a lot worse, after all I was down a lot of money both sessions and yet finished in front but it all seemed pretty pointless on Sunday afternoon when I was half asleep trying to push kids around a merry go round. All part of the game I suppose.

Next week its the Western Open in Castlebar, I lost a small fortune over there last year when the cash games ran straight through but I have every intention of getting some of it back this time round. Hopefully the usual suspects show up and my big hands hold up!!


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