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Friday, 11 November 2011


While Eoghan O Dea was heading over to Vegas to play the the final table of the WSOP main event the rest of us mere mortals headed to sunny Tallaght for the third annual JP Mini WSOP. The event basically is designed to give players an opportunity to play really well structured tournaments for a very modest buy in with a few of the less popular forms of poker catered for.
I played the main event briefly, after getting off to a good start I got smashed up by Chris Cook who is becoming a bit of a thorn in my side when our paths cross. He won the first big pot from me when he had direct position on me, after our table broke we ended up on the same table again, this time I had direct position on him but the result was the same and he knocked me out after I went short and shoved 16 bb over his open with 9d10d and after some deliberation he managed to find a call with QQ.
There were a good few from France and Belgium playing and after I got knocked out I got in a tasty €1-€2-€5 round of each which became plo only after a few hours. If there was a softer table where you could win over €1k then I have never seen it. I got nearly double that which is good going when the majority of stacks are less that €300.
I came back up on Sunday night to play the heads up game but more importantly to watch Eoghan playing the Nov 9. It was a bit of a mess to be honest as the original connection failed and we ended up watching it without sound on a big screen. It was not ideal but was the best they could do, Eoghan never got going and lost most of his stack firing two bullets with AQ no clubs on a three club flop. His exit was pretty sick when he made a great call with A9 after Ben lamb had shoved with Q8.
Myself Sammy & Bomber.
I busted the heads up in the second round after beating John Gallagher in the first. No harm really as I jumped into the new super Hold'm tournament for a quick spin and then into a plo cash game with the same players from Friday night. The game was not as good as Friday but I managed to win a big pot against Phil Baker when we both flopped a set. Bomber Nolan joined the table and to say he had a few on board would be an understatement. Being Bomber, the luckiest player I know he only dropped a few quid before a French player gave him back some money he was after winning because he did not feel it was right to win money from such a drunk player!! Where are these nice guys when I'm steaming drunk firing money all over the shop?
I'm off the Riga on Thursday with a good crew, I'll be doing chip updates on twitter for myself and the lads on @ballymorechris. Hopefully one of us can get a Latvian flag up on the old Hendon Mob.

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