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Thursday, 27 October 2011


I have held off putting up a new post because I don't want to sound like a moaning bastard and I personally have little interest in reading about bad beats so I doubt any other people do. With that in mind I will summarize the last few weeks as best I can by saying I ran bad and didn't play great.

The IPO which is one of the best events of the year was short and sweet for me, I got it in on the flop with 5c7c on a 2c3h4c board in a 4 way pot for 75k when the avg was 19k then sat in a cash game where I doubled up some idiot who got carried away with K8 on a QQ8 flop when I had AQ. I reload to cover him and the smart ass dealer tell's me there is a max buy in and makes me take €25 off my stack (tilting enough in itself). I then get involved with the same idiot with QQ on a 10,8,6 flop  v his AK and he gets there again. Now I can't rebuy to cover him because of the Nazi dealer so I get up and leave. I never saw that rule being enforced at an Irish festival before but its was maybe for the best.

I went out my wife and friends on Saturday night and got a drunk as I ever remember getting, it was like the Ambo back in the day, doing shots and falling around the place. Took me 3 full days to recover and I have not been to the gym once since. The poor auld dog has been neglected too, I only brought him for a walk once this week (probably the most shameful part of the postal though I should point out my mother in law lives near us and walks him every day at lunch time) even the kids swimming was a victim of the hangover but I'll rectify that tomorrow.

Cash game wise I managed to lose a few quid last week but turned a big losing session into a small winning one last night in Naas. Hope that's the start of a good run especially with the Irish Winter Festival on this weekend.

I have two major events before Christmas, the IWF and the EMOP final in Riga, it would set me up nice for next year if I could get a touch in one of those, I'll just have to go out and make it happen!!

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