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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Swings & Roundabouts

Played another long session in the Loft in Naas last night but with not much success. I made a few bad mistakes, the worst one was when I bluffed not realizing I had a straight and mucked my cards when my opponent showed top two pair.

I also should have folded AK in a 3 bet flop on a K high board. The villain is pretty loose but not against me. He really only has AA, KK, QQ AK and when he fires the flop that rules out QQ 95% of the time. The flop was also 3 clubs so even if it was a chop he was free rolling for the flush a lot of the time. Anyway I called and he gave me the bad news, KK.

Other than those two hands I played pretty well, I got very unlucky in three big hands all of which were for about €1k each but still managed to only loose €500. Its a loss but it could have been a lot worse. I'm playing a lot more ABC in the Loft the last few weeks. Trying not to get in as many big pots pre flop as I used to and managing to put my opponents on hands a lot more accurately than I used to. The game is playing looser than it did in the past,I used to be the one building the pots pre but everyone seems to be willing to build the pots these days.

I'll be trying to put in some volume on line tonight as hopefully I'll be pretty busy all weekend. I have not been playing as much online as I want to and find it very hard to get motivated sometimes. With the live games they are only on once a week in a particular casino but the online mid stakes are always there when ever you switch the PC on. A few big winning sessions would be motivation enough, maybe that's the way forward.

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